Get Vibrant Artwork Painted By A Passionate Abstract Artist in 6 Days

Colourful Artworks Are Not Just Striking; They Define Your Style!

Urvashi Patel Art is a brand to reckon when it comes to creating insanely vibrant abstract art for interior designers, homeowners, offices in the UK and Worldwide.

The statistics are in, and the results are too significant. Art is racing to become the unmatched focal point for many designers. Abstract art for interior designers in the UK is becoming trendy and virtually all interior décor experts are jumping on the trend already.

However, there is a big challenge; most interior designers and people who desire to up the aesthetics of their home often find it hard to get perfect artworks.

Now, you can get bespoke artworks done for you expertly. You can request modifications during the work process as you’ll get progress pictures often. You’re entitled to ask for modifications when you get your delivery.

Urvashi Patel Arts is all about your satisfaction.

Shop For Already Made Artworks

Now you can shop and fill your cart with beautiful artworks that flaunt your style– all from my shop.

There is more to creating a piece that comes straight from my soul and keeping them up for sale; putting in extra work to ensure the quality of all the artworks ready for purchase are topnotch, crowns it all.

This is what our brand does!

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Save More On Digital Arts Whose Brush Strokes Resembles Traditional Arts

If you want an artwork in less time that looks like traditional artworks, I’ve got you covered.

I design affordable and vibrant digital arts and have them printed for you on demand. Reach out to me for prints on fine art paper or canvas.

You can also shop for affordable prints from my Society6 Shop.

Abstract Art Print Shop

My Passion for Colours And Unmatched Attention To Detail Keep Me Above The Competition

I’m Urvashi Patel, an impassioned abstract artist on a mission to fill the world with colour, joy and positive vibes.

What I do is not mere talent; I’m passionate about it, and you will see that in each of my artwork. They all stand out. I pay attention to details and paint one of a kind piece just for you.

What are you waiting for? Contact me now via urvashi@urvashipatel.com to discuss your abstract art requirements.

I’m always ready to jump on your project.

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Urvashi Patel Art

Urvashi Patel Art