Joyful Dance

My Mission Is

to bring Joy and Positive Vibes in Your Homes. All Art has been created with the intention to spread that energy as I capture emotions.

My Art is perfect for your Modern homes as well as traditional homes with modern twists. You can Commission a piece unique for your home. Come and Work with me to make that perfect piece you have been wanting for your home. Make a Statement with the piece which you have your own creative contribution to. This piece can be a conversation starter as this will have your own emotions in it.

How this Service is Different?

We will have Face to Face Conversation in person (if possible) or Video Call and discuss your requirements. Please don’t show me an example piece as I don’t copy instead talk me through your intentions, colours and wall colours to go with etc. Book Your Initial 15 minute consultation for free. After that £50 an hour to chat in detail. If you decide to buy a completed piece, £50 will be deducted from the total price. If you are not happy with the piece you are not obliged to buy the piece but £50 consultation will be non- refundable. You can Book Your Appointment Below

Inspire Aspiring Artists/Creatives

I believe we can all be The Alchemist

Alchemy is the process of taking something ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary. An Alchemist Was someone that could transform ordinary lead into gold. Alchemy gives the perception that something ordinary can be changed into something of great value.

For me Gold is not just accumulating wealth but we can gather Joy, Find true purpose of our life and living life creatively is a true gold.

You can be The Alchemist. If you truly seek transformation, turning your ordinary life into more joyful and creative living.

Be the part of this mission to live creative and inspiring life full of joy. Joy can be found in simple things.

I have seen and experienced the benefits of making art and so I am also passionate about sharing my creative process through Blog, VideosRead More
















Urvashi Patel Art

Urvashi Patel Art