Meet Urvashi

I’m an abstract painter who loves working with digital and traditional mixed mediums mainly acrylics and watercolours on Canvas, Paper , wooden panels. My pieces are spontaneous and one of a kind with vibrant burst of colours and textures.

Story of my beginnings

I have been creating art since I was really young. Growing up I would often watch my mother creating stuff like making house from our old notebook covers , Penguin from eggshell and many other things. (Those days there was no YouTube or internet).

I earned my first commission in school by drawing Biology Journals for a friend. I lost connection with my art when I went for my studies and got busy in getting my computer science degree and then Job. After I got married and came to UK. I started painting again as an hobby on Saturday when my husband plays cricket. He bought me my first watercolour set from TK Maxx in Huddersfield.

I started painting since then and never stopped and now it is not just hobby, it is my life support.

About My Art, Process and Inspiration (Artist Statement)

When I started painting, I used to paint various things like many beginner does. After that I found myself painting animals and I did that for nearly 3 years. What I observed in all kind of art that I am using bold and vibrant colours. Whatever I created was cheerful and vibrant and that inspired me to create abstract pieces with colours. The main focal point of my Art is Colours and then comes textures, patterns and mark making with various tools.

My Artwork represents Joy and Positivity. I believe in Colour Psychology and the impact of colours on us. Colours have the power to influence our mood and quality of our life. I have experienced that colourful places have more positive vibes.

My inspiration to create comes from within and my life experiences. I have challenging life since childhood and still going through challenges in many aspects of my life. I have always learned to have faith and believe in yourself. Everything is Figureoutable as Marie Forleo says. Being from India, I was always surrounded with colours which I never noticed until I came to UK after marriage and felt the lack of it. I create colourful paintings to create my happy place and want to do so for everyone.

I usually like to work on 3 to 4 paintings at a time which could take a week or more depending on size. I paint in layers and I keep going until I feel it’s done. I photograph my paintings and I really like to look it through lens. I also check value scale of my paintings turning it into black and white. After day or two when I come back to my painting, if it still gives me joy then it’s done and if it doesn’t, I will paint over another layer even though the layer underneath looks beautiful.

“Art is my Life Support”.

Creating colourful paintings is my happy place. Meaning of my work lies in the eyes of the beholder. Every one of us have different psychology associated with colours and patterns. It evokes different feelings in each of us. I would leave it to the viewer of my paintings to interpret the meaning. Usually people says that my paintings radiates Joy and cheerfulness.


Words From Appreciator and Collector

“Beautiful Paintings, Ordered a painting online and received it carefully packed and Intact. Urvashi was happy to answer any questions and was prompt in replying. She was very helpful and would definitely recommend her paintings. Her paintings are unique and brings about a different touch to any room “Meera Patel.

“I absolutely love your paintings and products. I have the 2018 calendar and love seeing a painting by you every month. I do cheat and look back and ahead also. Beautiful Artwork Urvashi. Love it” Mary Beth Sutton.

“ The Portrait you did is lovely. As I read what you write about your work, it struck me that you are pleased when people describe your paintings as “happy” – and this is how I like to think of our dogs over the years and they might not be well behaved all the time, but I like to feel they are happy.” You are a breath of Fresh Air. And I am thrilled to know a strong woman artist” Ruth.

Urvashi Patel Art

Urvashi Patel Art