My Story

I am Urvashi Patel

I am an artist. True believer of Alchemy and transforming ordinary life into gold.(The Alchemist)

My Mission Is To Help You Find The Gold Within You

Alchemy is the process of taking something ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary. An Alchemist Was someone that could transform ordinary lead into gold.Alchemy gives the perception that something ordinary can be changed into something of great value.

For me Gold is not just accumulating wealth but we can gather Joy, Find true purpose of our life and living life creatively is a true gold.

You can be The Alchemist. If you truly seek transformation ,turning your ordinary life into more joyful and creative living.

Be the part of this mission to live creative and inspiring life full of joy. Joy can be found in simple things. If you are looking to surround yourself with joyful soul paintings, then you have come to the right place. I feel so much fired up to create a unique piece for everyone by understanding their true soul requirements. That unique piece is just for you which will spark joy.

I have seen and experienced the benefits of making art and so I am also passionate about sharing my creative process through Blog, Videos. Join me in My Art Healing Movement and Let’s heal the world together starting with ourselves.

About my Style

I started painting again in 2015 and I used to paint animals with watercolours till now.Recently I felt strong calling towards abstractness of Life, soul and nature. Animals allowed me to look deeper into spirituality and the abstract element of both soul and nature. My paintings are all about feelings that arise from vibrant colours which lift our soul and ground us with nature.

It is about finding True Purpose of Life and nourish your soul. My style has evolved and I have embraced to let go, be brave and intuitive in my style. Freedom to express is a great way to feel more relaxed. I believe anyone can paint. Yes, even you can.

About me and My Story

I love nature, music, dancing, painting and anything that lifts my spirit.

Dance Party

I grew up in India in a middle class family believing art is just an hobby and we can’t make proper living out of it. So I studied Computer Science and Joined corporate Job which I am still doing it.

I used to draw and paint during school holidays and in my spare time. Apart from drawing, I used to do various other crafts like crocheting , Bead works etc. I think this comes from my Mom who used to do all various kind of crafty things at that time.

I earned my first commission by drawing Biology Journals for my friends in School.

After School, I didn’t draw or paint apart from engineering drawings in college but always felt something is missing.

I started painting again after I got married and came to UK. Life became so quiet here.My husband plays cricket on weekend and he suggested me to start painting while he is away.

He got me my first watercolour set and easel on my Birthday. I started painting to fill those voids and felt alive.I instantly realised that this was missing all those years. It was like a light bulb moment. I taught myself by watching videos, joined painting clubs and workshops.

I found my true purpose. Painting lifts my spirit and gives me true Joy. Now those voids are no longer there. I have channelled my energies into creativity. Now, I want to help people find the same Joy, Purpose and Creativity in their life.


Words From Appreciator and Collector

“Beautiful Paintings, Ordered a painting online and received it carefully packed and Intact. Urvashi was happy to answer any questions and was prompt in replying. She was very helpful and would definitely recommend her paintings. Her paintings are unique and brings about a different touch to any room 🙂 “Meera Patel.

“I absolutely love your paintings and products. I have the 2018 calendar and love seeing a painting by you every month. I do cheat and look back and ahead also. Beautiful Artwork Urvashi. Love it” Mary Beth Sutton.

“ The Portrait you did is lovely. As I read what you write about your work, it struck me that you are pleased when people describe your paintings as “happy” – and this is how I like to think of our dogs over the years and they might not be well behaved all the time, but I like to feel they are happy.” You are a breath of Fresh Air. And I am thrilled to know a strong woman artist” Ruth.