Art Awakening Or Am I lost?

One more year has almost gone and since last few weeks I have started thinking to give up on my art.After painting every day for 30 days challenge, its like too much may be. Not sure if this challenge for me is like make it or break it. I felt it broke me but in a good way.

I am bored of my own paintings. I need new body of work. Completely different style or even different subject.

My 2019 will be exploring new Art movements and Style.

I may retire my old painting style and painting animals. It depends how I feel. I am more attracted to paint abstract art. Is this weird? When I didn’t know anything about art, I didn’t understand why people make this kind of art. But, now I am diving to learn more.

There is a canvas in our bedroom that I painted may be last year in abstract style. I look at it all the time and it evoke some kind of feelings. I really would like to paint something like that more. I have been so much interested in representing feelings through shapes and colours. I have no idea how and what am I doing?

Maybe this is another stage of art fever :P.

The other day I was listening to song of completely different language. But I love the music, even though I don’t understand the lyrics, music speaks to me. I love music and dancing. I can dance on any music which generates the feelings in me. I want to do same thing with my art. I dont’t Want to create something that anyone needs to understand, it should be just like music without lyrics.

The other thing I like about abstract art is freedom. I am a free spirit person. I don’t like to live with rules. I like to make my own rules 😜🤪

If you are someone completely against abstract art or think that a kid could paint that, I totally agree with you. I used to feel the same but I understand now. Abstract art is all about evoking feelings in you. If it doesn’t then there is nothing wrong.

I will be closing my Etsy shop soon. I still have prints and products as well as originals. They will soon be going on sale or if I can’t sell it, they will be going into recycle bin if I struggle to store them.

P.S. I love traditional art and all my artist friends work. It’s just me who is having this feeling to explore.

My 2019 will be exploring this new genre.

I will keep sharing on my blogs and various other place . I might come back to my animal paintings one day.

After completing this 30 day challenge which finishes on 16th December. I am going to do something new.


Lost Soul

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  • Alison

    Urvashi believe me i know how you feel! I think all artists question themselves and that is how we develop our own unique voice – whether that’s through colour, subject, style, medium, whatever. what you have done since you started is try out new techniques and subject matter. i think abstraction has it’s place and i too never used to appreciate it for what it is. don’t get me wrong though! some of it is still art for arts sake. as long as it comes from your heart and speaks to people, that is when the magic happens. don’t give up! you light up facebook every day with your fabulous use of colour. times like these are great opportunities to go back to the beginning and hone your basic skills…drawing, observation, mark making…then build up from there. you will i am sure, be back with your usual enthusiasm in no time xxx

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