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Art Healing Movement- Let’s heal the world together

I believe art heals our soul. I am deep diving into Intuitive Painting. First of all it’s all about freedom. Freedom of expressions without having fear of any techniques or rules. Breaking all rules and boundaries just to make art.

According to me art means rights to bring out your own creativity to this world.

When I used to paint animals, I used to hear people saying I wish I could paint, I can’t even draw a stick man.

We want to make art but sometimes scared and keep putting off our inner wish to paint because we think we are not good enough, or too old to start painting or in past someone have told us that we are not good.

I want to make art accessible to everyone. I can’t express that feelings in words. But making art is healing, it helps me connect to my higher self.It allows me to connect with nature and my soul. Now a days I use all my senses to feel my surroundings and that reflects in my art

It has given me true purpose of my life. I really really want to spread this message to everyone. Wherever you are, start creating. If you really want to make something, don’t worry about the end result and just make a start.

Let all the worry and expectations go, embrace the flaws and miracle will happen.To spread this art healing movement, I have started to share my Intuitive Painting Process through step by step guides, sharing work in progress shots on social media, etc. I am trying to make this resource available for free so everyone can join this movement and spread art and spread healing. Let’s heal the world, starting with ourselves first

I have recently created a painting. I call it “ My Wabi Sabi Message Board”.

Wabi Sabi is the Japanese philosophy of finding beauty in imperfection.

It really resonates with my thoughts and I created this message board with some quotes that I have been practicing.

I am also preparing step by step guide to create this board for you guys. It will soon be available for download from my website. If you like to stay updated, sign up for the soul Stirring newsletters on my website. I will be sending this guide to all my existing subscribers.

This message board will be a good project for your own home or office. You can also give this project to your kids and give them the wings of creativity

Step by step will help you to make this board imperfect and beautiful. I am providing tips for textures and mark making in the guide as well tools I have used and alternatives to some tools that you may not have

Stay motivated and keep creating.

Remember art is your birth right. Be the child with crayons and pencils again and start creating mess. You will have fun like kids.

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