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Benefits of joining Artist Association

Hi Guys,

Today I am going to talk about the benefits of being part of an artist association.

I made a decision in 2016 to join Association of Animal Artists( Also known as AAA). I read their requirements for becoming a member. I got the courage as they were accepting Amateur Artist application.

The only Association I found who was giving opportunities to Amateur Artists to exhibit with them.

I got the confidence to join and it was easy to join. I spoke with Julie Cross ( Former Chair Person) of AAA. She is amazing in boosting my confidence.

At that time they were requiring Exhibition Co-Ordinators, New Chair Person, Secretary for Trustees roles.

I must say that I had no experience of any of this role but I applied for Exhibition Co-Ordinator.

I did whatever was assigned to me which was preparing exhibition catalogue. During the same time Alison Stafford( Former Participant of BBC Painting Challenge) took the role of Chair Person and I must say she is doing amazing job.

I gave up role as Exhibition Co-Ordinator due to my full time job after couple of exhibitions and remain as Co-opted member to help out whenever I can during the exhibitions.

Now Let’s talk about Benefits. I told you this short story to give overview of my experience.

  • 1. When I joined, I was little scared but I got the confidence of talking with people and other artists.
  • 2. I felt that I am a part of this lovely community who welcomed everyone. Sense of belonging.
  • 3. Great benefit- Made lovely friends.
  • 4. Being a part of association where there are amazing Artists. I got chance to surround myself with these great Artists and learned alot from them.
  • 5. Once a year we have this Annual event where we gather and do activities, workshops and Lunch.
  • 6. Got the confidence and opportunities of doing Demonstrations.
  • 7. Learned how this association works with the help of all trustees.

These are just few Benefits but there are countless more on the list.

I must say that being a part of association makes big difference. If you are having doubts of joining any formal association. You could join group of Artists, either in your local community or on Facebook or anywhere else. It does makes a big difference to our artistic journey.

For your reference, I am adding some associations in below list.

There are many out there. These are just few for you to start researching. I hope this helps.



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