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Compassionate Heart 💓 -Free Download- Intuitive Painting Process Guide

Intuitive painting is so much fun. You can be brave and bold with your marks on paper or canvas and fear of blank canvas will no more scare you. Here I am sharing with you the process guide for my painting called “Compassionate Heart”. 

Compassionate Heart

This guide is not to teach you everything about painting but this will guide how you can be free and bold in mark making and create your own unique piece.

Accuracy and creating a masterpiece is not the goal of this process.

I have designed this Nine step guide to help you find your own path of true bliss. Allow yourself to be free and let it go. 

Play some music if you like and move your hands with the music. Use your non- dominant hands and various other tools to create marks and keep adding layers.

Point here is to enjoy the process and not to depict or copy the exact painting.

You can follow this guide as an inspiration and create your own version.

After you have created a “Compassionate Heart”, share it with me on Instagram and Facebook using hashtags #ourcompassionateheart #urvashipatelart so that I can see your cool artworks.

Remember to fill your heart with joy, love and compassion. Open it all up in your painting. During the whole process, pay attention to your feelings, don’t stop your thoughts, let it flow through and immerse yourself into your own world.

Here is the link to download your free pdf guide –

Compassionate Heart Painting Process Free Download

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