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Day Job Keeps My Creativity Happy

It’s been a while since I wrote a Blog.

I am juggling many things at the moment. Being an Artist with a Day job is a challenge but it keeps my creativity happy and pressure free.

Ooh I don’t mind painting part of being an artist, I do enjoy putting my work out there too but for that lots of things needs to be done 😀

I have been planning to launch a new Podcast Series on Abstract Art. I have topics on my list but need to research on it. I like sharing what I learn as I believe the more I give out the more my knowledge will increase.

I have recently launched a Commission service where you can book free 15 minute initial Consultation service.Booking facility is available across multiple platforms. You can book from my website, Facebook and Instagram.

I need to update my website with new artworks and my Shop section. Create content for Social media. Recording Process videos etc. List goes on.

You know Guys, as much as I love doing everything, It seems impossible to do with the day Job. I am in hustle mode but it’s worth it as being an Artist is what I love and Honestly, this makes me happy in my day job too which is weird but true. It’s a two way thing My day Job keeps my creativity happy  and vice-versa. It is important for me to be pressure free from making living out of my art only and my Day Job lets  me pay for art supplies :D. I am really grateful for what I do during day because my brain is super charged during that time and ideas are like streaming in my brain. It keeps my brain open to creative thoughts and ideas.

Also, fear of meeting ends financially is not bothering me and my creativity can be free and keeps blossoming.

I am really grateful for everything that I am able to live creative life

It would be Dream come true when I will be Artist Full time. This isn’t about money but who doesn’t love to be able to do what they love all the time :). I am working towards that goal 🙂

I am creating paintings one after another buiding a body of work.Oh yes, I have also opened a Facebook group called Abstractionista (All about abstract art) where all aspiring ,Emerging, Beginner and experienced artists can join share their knowledge and gain some knowledge. It’s a platform for sharing and caring, Giving and Receiving. If you would like to Join go to Facebook and send Join request. We will have fun together in this group.Here is the link to join the group Abstractionista(All about Abstract Art)

Doing everything is sometimes a lot and I do take a break every now and then as buffer period is important too. I hope this makes my point clear about being an artist in a day job. I would day don’t get overwhelmed looking other artists quitting their day job. Always consider your own life scenarios before making any further decisions as you are your own best advisors.


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