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I Had A Chat With My Creativity

Last night, I was looking at my painting desk and then decided to go to bed as I wasn’t in a mood to paint. Not because, I was tired or feeling lazy. I wanted to but there was some obstacle that I needed to clear.

So, I decided to chat with my creativity.

I said I really want to start on my new painting exploration but I can’t. Please don’t go away from me.

I am stuck with an issue, that I need to resolve at work. After that my brain and heart will function together.

I would say magic happened. I was literally solving that issue in my dreams at night. The issue that wasn’t working for last couple of days. In morning, I woke up with the solution. On my way to work, I was chatting to myself to not forget this solution.

I got into work and started working on this issue straightaway and to my surprise, it was resolved. I got goosebumps as I know it is hard to believe to happen something like this.

My brain was active even in sleep and calculating and solving issues for me.

This has happened first time in my life that I have solved something in my sleep. I felt like my creativity helped me to resolve this issue so that I can feel relax and chill. I used to always get dreams about the work, I can literally see files and emails but this was magical.

Today, I am feeling free. My brain and heart are back at creativity job. I am keeping small journal with me as Idea struck I am writing it down.

This is really good practice, I think to write down about Ideas and story behind the ideas.

I love recording my thought process, it is usually on paper but now it will be in this small notebook. Hopefully I carry it everywhere. I don’t like mobile to note down my ideas because somehow it stays there and I never implement them. I tend to implement the written ideas.

This morning, I read the chapter about Ideas from the book Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and again Goosebumps. I had that experience in my life. I will share with you the story in my next blog.

But this is similar to my chat with creativity. Creativity and Ideas are alive without any physical form and we need to accept them gracefully and be prepared to work together otherwise it goes to the next available person.


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