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Inktober – Theme – Doorways to heaven

Hi Guys,

Inktober is going to start from tomorrow. if you don’t know what inktober is. Check it out here – https://inktober.com

Inktober starts from 1st of October to 31st. Artist can create art with ink on paper. You can use colours too but it says try to limit to one colour. But I am going to make an exception here as I love colours and I will be using coloured watercolour inks and watercolour combinations.

There are prompts available on their website for everyday. I can’t say I will be doing everyday but I will try my best to create as many paintings as I can.

I am not going to use official prompts though. I will be painting Beautiful doors and that will be my theme for the month.

I will be painting in A5 sketchbook.  In my theme of Doorways to heaven I want to create the magical doors which makes us believe the different world on the other side of the door. The magical heaven where fairies are singing, butterflies in the garden full of lovely fresh flowers and the scent of those flowers are so enchanting that you can’t resist to enter the door.

I always wanted to paint these beautiful doors and whenever I look at these doors it attracts me like the door of heaven.

I will write blog post for each of my doorway to heaven paintings and the feelings attached to it.

So if you would like to be a part of my journey of Inktober. Watch this space and follow me on below social media channels to keep updated.




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