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Is Technology and Media Killing Creativity?

The other day, I have been wondering about all the masters in art were old masters. Some of them even introduced new movements in art. Now a days, there is internet for everything which I consider a blessing as I search most of the answers to my question on Google. I always think if one day Google or internet goes down. I will be dumb or may even stay in house as I don’t drive without google maps.

I am so much dependent on technology, internet and all medias. I spent most of the time reading blogs, watching Youtube Videos. I don’t have my own thoughts to experiment with. Someone else is feeding my brain. But, I have observed that I get the ideas and some amazing inspiration when I am silent and not doing these stuff.

One way of looking is that internet is helping us and giving us knowledge which is true and a blessing but too much of internet is killing it. It is killing the joy of childhood from kids, killing creativity and real breathing fun of the life.

I want to experience life in old style way. I think, I was more creative in old days as there was no phone ,internet,TV with only one channel.

Last night after getting back from work, I found our wifi is not working and started freaking out like my life is dependent on it.

Now, a days we don’t get time to think or experiment our own thoughts and develop something truly unique things that is just ours. I think we have lost our ability to be uniquely creative and just following the tribes. Also, we are afraid to be ourselves and think, how would people respond to it. We need acceptance and approval of everyone else and so we search for the proper way of doing things. There is no proper or improper way I feel, If most of the people are accepting it we assume that this is the proper way and try to follow that.

Great Scientists who invented big laws and theories, Artists who invented different forms of art had time to think. They didn’t have anything but time to think and experiment even if it sounds crazy to everyone, they did it. We are spending our time mindlessly on internet and development of genius brain will stop eventually. I see kids now a days don’t eat food without the phone in their hands.

I want to be brave and free to experiment my thoughts and feelings the way I want to and stop being a slave to internet.

In 2019 – I will follow my heart. We can seek inspiration from anywhere really. To be an artist, we don’t have to just follow or watch other artist who is doing the same thing you want to do.

Inspiration can be drawn from the Colours around you, Shapes and Patterns we see daily, In the music that makes us feel alive, In the dance movements, Yoga, Meditation etc or even from the simple daily boring life. We just needs to keep our heart open.

Few things I am planning to do to get out of this technology slave mode 1. Collecting inspirational pictures of shapes, patterns, Colours or anything that visually inspires me. 2. listening to music that touches the chord of my soul. 3. Reading Creative, Inspirational, Spiritual Books. 4. Taking myself on Dates with my Creativity. 5. Mindless Doodling. 6. Meditations Learning New things is always good too for our creativity and brain. Below is my list. Feel free to share your lists in comments
  1. I am learning to Swim. Yes, I never got chance to learn to swim and I am paranoid to go into water. I already started lessons last year.
  2. I want to learn Indian Classical Dance Bharatnatyam. I have already learnt Kathak Dance but couldn’t complete it.
  3. I want to learn playing a Guitar.
  4. I want to learn Tango Dance.

Always, keep learning as learning expands the flexibility of our brain. If we stop learning. Our brain shrinks.I think I heard this somewhere or read it in an article about Alzheimer.Again on internet 😛

Take time to reflect away from Technology and help me do that too 😛


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