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Love Yourself

Does that happen with you? When you are upset,sad and in bad mood you get angry with yourself, everyone around you. But if someone come and say something sweet or full of love, their words melt your heart.

Let’s say your kids come to you and say they love you, or your dog comes to show his/her love to you.

Wouldn’t you feel good?  I am sure you do because I do feel good.

Love is all what we living beings need. But how can we love someone when we are in darkness ?

We are not able to radiate love. Love is like a light we spread to others. But imagine if there is darkness inside us in the form of sadness, depression or bad mood. Then we are not able to light anyone else’s heart with love.

We need energy to switch on lights in our houses, in the same way we need energy to love others. But the question is how can we get that energy?

Answer is simple, Charge yourself up with love first. When your battery of love is full. It will start overflowing from yourself. 

Loving yourself is the most important reminder. Now some will say but isn’t it selfish?

Ummmmm… I would say No. Let’s say I as a person needs love and I have been looking for love outside and when I don’t get the love I expect will make me sad and angry all the time and will radiate that energy outside. But if I love myself enough that I don’t need validation from other person, I simply become love as I am overflowing with love and as you know the saying love attracts love, happiness attracts happiness.

Now, another question arises is How can we love ourself without being selfish

What’s the definition of Selfish?

lacking consideration for other people; concerned chiefly with one’s own personal profit or pleasure.

What Loving Yourself mean?

It is self-acceptance. Accepting yourself as you are. Having self-respect for yourself. 

Loving yourself means taking care of your own well being physically as well as mentally.

Understanding that you are the only masterpiece in this world and no matter what no one is like you. You are here on this earth for a reason.

Never let yourself down with what others think of you. Everyone in your life will have different opinion about you based on their experience level.That Doesn’t mean you will have to consider each and every opinion.

So, now you know what loving yourself mean.Next question is

How to Love Yourself?

  1. Start with what you enjoy doing. Anything you love. Even though you think you are not good enough, old enough or you don’t have enough time to do it.Pick something and just start wherever you are in your life.  When you start doing something you love, you start to enjoy your life and you progress towards the purpose of your life.Just keep going with your heart. If at some point you feel like doing something else, do that and see how it makes you feel.
  2. Take care of your Body, Mind and Soul by eating proper food, exercising and meditating.
  3. You can even do things like taking yourself to a park or shopping or beauty spa etc. Whatever makes you feel happy. Call it A Date with yourself. 

To summarise , Loving yourself is taking care of your self and progressing towards your soul’s purpose here on the earth. 

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