Need motivation for making art a regular practice ? Motivation is garbage

We all sometimes want to feel motivated to start anything. Be it anything like, starting to do exercise, trying out new recipes or creating an art. When I started to paint , I wanted to make it as my daily practice but I wasn’t feeling motivated . I started googling how to feel motivated to create art daily or regularly? I started watching art videos, artists movies, and even searched on google how to start but I couldn’t find satisfactory answer.  Initially, I would do a painting and leave it untouched for days or wouldn’t care to finish it.

One day I just decided to paint every weekend . To some point, I was successful and started creating artworks on weekend. Once I got into the habit of creating artwork on weekends, I started loving to paint  and then I didn’t have to find the motivation. After that I joined world watercolour month on Facebook and started painting everyday. Surprisingly, without thinking about feeling motivated I just started painting whatever came to my mind.

Recently , I saw some of the videos of Mel Robbins who said Motivation is a garbage and after watching her so many videos I totally agrees with that. Motivation comes from how you feel, if you are not feeling like to get out from the bed and go to your studio to work on your artwork you won’t and you will think of some kind of motivation but you will never going to find it until you control your actions. You have to start acting before your brain starts overthinking.

You have no control over your feelings and so you can’t be motivated BUT you can control how you behave, you can control actions in the same way I just jumped into creating artwork without thinking about feeling motivated to start and now it became my habit.

I think Mel Robbins 5 second rule will help in making your decisions. I loved watching her videos on Facebook, YouTube. Her amazing technique of 5-4-3-2-1 will definitely help you to get into actions without waiting for motivation to strike you.

Mel Robbins have explained it very nicely and scientifically how our brain works. Go and checkout her videos. I have posted links at the end of this post.

She has also launched her book called 5 second rule. I found it on amazon. Below is the link for the book

 I am definitely going to buy Mel Robbins 5 second rule book.

Post your comments here, how you have started getting into actions to create art regularly? I would love to hear from you all.

Links to Mel Robbins video,

Happy Painting!

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