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One week of Inktober 2018 – Doorways to Heaven

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Hi Guys,

I have done 1 week of Inktober without any breaks touchwood. To paint every day is a challenge. In inktober you are supposed to use ink without any colour or minimal colour but I have made an exception and using as many colours I like. I have used ink and watercolour combinations with a Black Brush Pen and Fine liner 0.8.

As mentioned in my last post of Inktober, I am following my own theme for this month which is Doorways to heaven. Finding reference is a challenge too but luckily I found some from Pixabay ( free reference picture site)- https://pixabay.com/en/  

Though I haven’t followed or copied the reference exactly and made some changes and put my own touches of pink and purples and all bright colours.

Giving yourself a challenge is good I think. It pushes your boundaries of comfort zone and makes you more productive. As an artist, I know its inspiration and motivation that is needed to paint but I have painted even if I am not inspired or motivated to paint. I think it is a good practice to become professional artist.

There were days after work when I felt not to paint and I have forced myself to keep up with the challenge so far. Let’s see how it goes for rest of the month.

Wish me Luck! Here I am posting gallery of my one week of Inktober. I hope you like it. I will also be adding story of each door on my Gallery Page soon. The story which I felt while painting each of these doors.

If I continue to paint rest of the month, then I will add more in my blog posts.

Happy Painting!



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