Plein air painting -very easy and quick DIY easel for watercolours

Summer is on here in United Kingdom and gorgeous sunny days inspired me to go out for some plein air painting.

Nope! This is not me. I have never done plein air painting. I keep thinking how exciting must be going out and paint in the beautiful locations.

I have decided to go out finally and paint. I need a easel for that. There are many good quality professional plein air easel from 

Guerrilla painter’s Pochade

They are all very good and attractive but unfortunately expensive for me to buy as I won’t be doing plein air painting much here in uk due to weather as usual. I will be going out occasionally so I thought to find the cheapest way I can get these kind of easels. I started searching for diy easel and found very useful video on YouTube. Here is the link 

I already have tripod and a drawing board. So I just ordered tripod attachment to mount on my drawing board from Amazon. It is called Guerrilla Universal tripod mount kit. 

Now as per the video tutorial, you can make your easel the perfect one if you have drill machine ? . I didn’t have drill machine to drill holes in my drawing board. So I stick 2 mountboards with hot glue.
Drill holes and attached the tripod mount to it.

I taped this mount board with masking tapes with my actual drawing board which is very light weight board and attached it with my tripod 

Here you go plein air easel for watercolour paintings is ready to go. I haven’t actually started plein air but I tested it in my house and it’s perfect and stable

I hope you find this easy and quick and I know you can make it much better as per the YouTube tutorial above but this works for me.

Hope you find this article useful.
Let me know your views.

Happy Painting!

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