Podcast Season 2 – Coming Soon

Yay! Happy to announce that my new season for Podcast is coming soon.

Last Year I started Podcast Channel Artist with a Day Job where I was sharing my journey. This Year, I have changed the name of the channel to The Alchemist Artist.

As you all know that I have started painting Abstract and really deep diving into this way of painting after painting animals for 3 years.

As I am experiencing Benefits of art and specially the abstract style I am exploring has helped me to dive deeper into my soul. I want to share all the benefits with you guys through my Podcast Episodes where I will be sharing my new learning, Books, Artist I admire (New and Old) and many other things abstract.

So those of you who are starting out the abstract Journey. Join me on my Podcasts and learn more about it with me. You can also post your questions about abstract art and we will try to solve them together.

As Podcast will be audio medium, any artworks I and you create can be shared on Instagram using #TheAlchemistArtistPodcast.

Here is the Teaser for the Season 2.

Subscribe to the podcast, so that you get the notification whenever I upload the first Episode.

Here is the link to the Season 2 Teaser Podcast Season 2 Teaser


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Urvashi Patel Art

Urvashi Patel Art