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Show YOUR Like Side and Attract

Like magnets we all have our like and unlike sides. It depends which sides we show to each other the magnetic field around us reacts.

Always be true to yourself first and we will always know what our like sides are. If we show our true side to other at least it gives us the sense of who we are and we will always choose love over hatred, anger and ego.

Like magnets pole never attract each other and if we keep showing same side to each other we are going to push each other away and will always repel.

Magnets gives us very important lesson that to attract one has to show their opposite sides.

Same way if one is angry and full of hatred, try to choose love from our side. Love will attract love.

Sometimes it is difficult to choose love when our hatred and ego is sky high. We always want other person to change their side and we keep repelling and pushing each other away.

It’s up to us how we want to respond, do we want to keep showing our fake side just because of our ego or do we want to show our true side which is full of love?

Every soul is full of love by its nature. But how do we know that we have love inside us when everything outside is full of hatred. No one is loving you making you feel that you are not worthy of anything.

It’s the time to remind yourself again that you matters no matter what everyone else thinks. You are worthy of love. But don’t expect someone to love you. Start loving yourself as I mentioned in my last blog post. Link here Love Yourself

Fill yourself with love and be true to yourself. Don’t worry about the unlike side of the other magnet . If you know which is your like side you will attract.

I hope this painting is a lovely reminder for us that it depends on us which side to show to attract.



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