Soul Nourishing Photo Walk

How do we get spiritual lift when we are in complete darkness?

I know it is difficult to come out of it. Right? Experiencing tough times in life is a part of a life but how we react is the main thing.

Honestly, I am also learning. I am not any good with it but hey at least I am working.

So today, I decided to go for a photo walk. Honestly, I dragged myself out of the house. But it totally worked when I started clicking with my camera. I felt recharged, energised.

I am a couch potato, not very active kind of person. Specially in winter.

I have been thinking to do this kind of photo walks more frequently as I will have something that motivates and give inspiration. I don’t like mundane walk just for the sake of walking with earphones on. I like the walk that gives delight to my eyes, ears and soul. I like to observe things while walking. I like to absorb all things around me and so my walks are very slow. But at least I am little bit active. Better than being a couch potato.

These pictures are the inspiration for my soul and paintings. I am looking for that soul uplifting feelings in these photography walks as well as pictures I gather. Though I am not good with camera, I made a start today.

Feeling of capturing beauty of nature is just amazing.  No I am not trying to be a Photographer. This is purely for the inspiration and nourishment for my soul.

Here are pictures from my photo walk today. At the end there is a picture of dog who I found walking alone on road and crossing roads on his own. Nearly ran over by a car. I stayed there to keep him safe. Honestly,I am scared of dogs and so I couldn’t approach him with confidence. I waited there just to keep a watch on him, then I saw a lady walking her dog, I asked her for help. She approached that dog and dog went to the door of one house. She said this is his house. Someone opened the door and let him in.

Thanks to the kind lady who helped. As I was so scared to leave him like that on the road.

Now enjoy my soul nourishing photos below.

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Urvashi Patel Art

Urvashi Patel Art