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Voids of Life- Good or Bad?

When we hear the word void, we tend to relate it with something terrible and traumatic things in life. Well, it turned out opposite in my case. If you are feeling voids in your life right now, don’t think something is wrong.

I believe, voids of life are actually true calling in disguise. Everyone on this earth have purpose.


Not everyone understands their true calling. People who had their true calling are already following their paths.

Voids in our life are actually reminders that comes in our life in different periods during our lifetime. That feeling of emptiness is trying to tell us something. Instead of avoiding that feelings, we should embrace it.Embracing emptiness in life sometimes leads to a beautiful journey.

Nope, I am not a life coach :P. I am just an artist who have experienced true calling when life became quiet.

What we usually do to fill voids in our Life? Well, I have done all of the below things when I was young.

  • Chit-Chat with friends to forget that feeling of voids.
  • Go Out for shopping without any need to just keep my mind off that horrible feeling of emptiness.
  • Tried to fit in groups and seeking acceptance from people around me.
  • Watching endless TV programs or surfing social media for hours

Many people tend to fill their voids with drugs, alcohol, emotional eating, etc.

To fill my voids, I tried everything but still that feeling doesn’t go. I started noticing when I am truely happy and that feeling is not there and I found out while Dancing, Painting and Doing Yoga or Meditations there is no existence of voids and I realised this is it.

I started doing more of these activities. At first I wasn’t sure which one I want the most.I joined dancing, painting clubs. Started doing Yoga. Now that feeling was disappearing from my life.I love all of these activities but I have always wanted to become an artist. So I kept painting. I still particiapte in all these activities but painting is my passion and purpose to my life.

Just imagine, how wasteful my life would be If I was still filling voids with needless things and looking for immediate satisfactions?

If you would like to know more about my story as an artist. Link is here- https://www.urvashipatelart.co.uk/about/

More about the reason I create art Read here- https://www.urvashipatelart.co.uk/blog/

At the end, I would say Embrace voids and start filling it with something purposeful or if you are not sure fill your life with art. Art is always healing for our heart and soul. My mission is to fill everyone’s life voids through my paintings to bring that energy in their lives and as a reminder to their own true callings. You can view my work here – https://www.urvashipatelart.co.uk/gallery/ or Purchase it from here – https://www.urvashipatelart.co.uk/shop/



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