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We want what they have, They want what we have

Have you got something from the title of this post? Have you ever felt  looking at someone else or something someone have that “ I wish I could have that”, “I wish I could be that lucky”.

I think we all have this feeling at some point in our life. If not, then You are the most content with what you have.

I think I have this kind of feeling so many times. Many of us have this feeling. We are always looking at what someone else have and maybe that someone else is looking what you have and thinking the same.

We are human and I think we are never satisfied with what we have but the truth is we can’t have it all. We can’t live someone else life. We have to live our own unique life. Now you must be thinking, why am I giving life lecture on an art blog.

Let me tell you , it relates to art as when we look at someone else art. We think, Why am I not that good? He/ She got such a unique style. Why Can’t I paint like her/him?

Guys, I know it’s an obvious feeling may be when you are starting out or even an experienced artist have this feeling when they see someone else work. Maybe some of you will say I don’t think like that. Then you are  again content with what you have and you know your value.

My point here is when we try to paint or draw like someone else. World is missing out a great artist. Try to be a unique you and leave your own mark. What if Picasso thought like that ? I guess they must have because everyone get this feeling but when we learn our own unique value and embrace ourself as who we are we give this world a great artist.

Art is not something we create to just impress someone else,it comes from our heart and when something comes from heart. It will find it’s place in this world.Art is freedom. Art is a feeling that we express on paper, wall, board anywhere we like.

Flying into rainbow clouds

So don’t worry and be yourself. I am not saying stop improving and learning. Yes, you can learn from the artists you admire but then apply the techniques and create your own style. When we look at some artist we admire the most, we want to paint like them and believe me I get it. But eventually we will have to find our own unique place. I am not saying my art is very unique here. I have seen many artist have similar style but I think you can differentiate between their and my painting.

I am on the path of exploring my uniquity. Is that a word? I guess it is . 😜

I am going to embrace myself as who I am. I am not going to think what everyone else have. I am going to be grateful of what I have and I know there is a reason of me being on this earth so do you.

I think kids are the great artist. They draw or paint with their heart. They don’t know what is good or bad. They draw or paint their own stories and I must say I love their art.

Be you and world will find your Uniquity




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