Poll Winner's Painting

Week 1 – Cat vs Dog Poll Winner

I always wonder what animal, people would like to see painted in my style. So I Posted a Poll option for my Facebook followers and Dog won the poll. I know there are many cat and dog lovers. It was interesting to see who get more votes and finally with 1 extra vote our loyal and beloved Pooches won the game.

I gave myself an hour to paint this portrait. I like to capture the essence of the subject and give the happy feelings using vibrant colour as background ( which is inspired by Indian festival of colours “Holi”). To read more about my inspiration, checkout my About page here https://www.urvashipatelart.co.uk/artist/

I love all animals but Dogs have special place in my heart. I love them from distance. Please don’t get me wrong but I am scared of dogs. I love them so much but I am afraid to touch them specially the big dogs. I know they jump around us due to love but I get this panic attack when they jump or chase me.

I must say I had bad experience as a child, I still remember the morning I was running as my school auto( small three tier Auto Rickshaw) was arrived to pick me up. I was running to get into an auto and there were two street dogs who started chasing me and I was crying loudly.

After running for a while, I fell on the road hurt my knees badly and those two dogs stopped as well looking at me. Since then, I have the fear.

I love dogs as they are the most loyal ones. I have seen the love in their eyes. They are the most beautiful and funny creature. I love how they wait for you to come home after work staring at the windows and when you come home, they are the happiest little babies. It is amazing to see how they understand humans. Sometimes they make you go mad I know. My brother’s Dobbie once chewed all the money of his roommate and then put up his guilty face which was so cute 😛

I enjoy watching dog videos and reading their funny stories. If you have any stories of your own little pooch. Please share with me.

I will write next blog soon about the poll winner.

If you would like to participate in the poll to vote for your favourite, you can follow my page and I will try to post poll every week. Link is below

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UrvashiPatelArt/

Keep loving your Pooches



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Urvashi Patel Art

Urvashi Patel Art