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Week 2-Small Cats vs Big Cats Poll Winner

I have really enjoyed doing this poll to see interest in cats whether it’s small or big. But this week’s winner is Big Cats. So I painted a Tiger. I call this painting “A Tiger in Rainbow Waters”.

I have this crazy love for all colours. Specially rainbow colours. I got this inspiration from the Rainbow I saw today from our Kitchen Window.

There is something majestic about these Big cats. I am always amazed to see this animal. Sadly, I have always seen tigers in the Zoo. I know it would have taken hell out of me if I have to face tigers in wild in front of me but I would love to see them free. I would love them to be roaming free into the wild.

In the Zoo, they seems to be very sad. I am not sure how safari parks are but it seems they have at least more space.

Tiger Facts- No two tigers have same kind of stripes. Tiger’s stripes are not only on their fur but is also on their skin. I read this fact on this website https://www.coolkidfacts.com/tiger-facts-for-kids/ 

Doing this poll to vote for animals is really helping me as I select animals, I usually avoid or uncomfortable with. I am really uncomfortable painting Tigers. I think I am not really good at it.

So it was good that I got the reason to paint Tiger.

To start painting, I find reference pictures from the site Pixabay. https://pixabay.com. I finally selected the picture of Tiger in water. As I love these vibrant colours, I selected few colours to make water look like rainbow. This time, I painted it very lightly o give subtle effect of water as I didn’t want to put much details.

Let me know what animal you like me to paint or if you like to participate in the Facebook polls. Please follow my page and I will try to post a poll every week.

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