Poll Winner's Painting

Week 4 – Macaque vs Squirrel Poll Winner

Hey Guys,

Thanks again to everyone on my Facebook page for voting in this poll. This week I picked two pictures as choices. Macaque selfie the famous Monkey selfie I found on pixabay and a Squirrel.

I was hoping Macaque win but to my surprise Squirrel took the place this week.

Here I have painted this squeaky Squirrel with bushy tail 😊. I have recorded this painting process and will soon upload on my YouTube channel. You can follow and subscribe to my channel . Links to all my channels are available at the end of this post.

I really enjoyed doing polls and poll winning Painting this month.

Thanks again to everyone who participated. Next month I will try to participate in inktober. Hopefully you will post with inky sketches.

Till then, Happy Painting Guys.



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