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Why I create Art?

I have been asked few times about why I do paintings? Why I paint the way I paint? Etc. So, I thought to share the reasons and inspirations behind my art and style. Regarding my style you know from my story. If you want to know you can check out my YouTube Video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kzlUO0_BWhI

I create art to let go off all the things happening around me whether it’s bad or good. If it is bad, I try not to waste my energy by thinking about the situations that I can’t control and use that energy in painting and I sometimes paint and paint until I get tired and exhausted. All my bad energy and emotions are gone at the end.If I am happy, I create art as I don’t want to lose the feelings of being happy.

No matter what, everything inspires me to create.

Painting and creating art gives purpose to my life. I feel alive doing only two things in my life- Painting and Dancing. When you are feeling alive doing something that means you are doing something right. I paint in my colourful and vibrant style as I would like to see the world like  that. Different artists view things differently. Some artist are good at depicting real world image as it is which is called realism, Some artists like to depict world with their own eyes, Some artists want to tell stories with their art. In the same way I depict my world with my eyes and would like to tell stories in the form of my art which the viewers can see it in all colours that I put in my paintings. All these colours gives me sense of joy and I wish viewers of my art feels the same.

There are different reasons for all artists. Frida Kahlo depicted her story in the form of paintings, she painted her feelings. Some artists started creating to overcome traumas of their life, some were always creative since the beginning, some started as hobby etc.

How I started being an artist? – I have started since I was in school like any other child. My art was in many forms. I used to do school science drawing projects, art workshops like glass painting, fabric painting with interest and love. I have also done crocheting. When I was little, I used to dream about becoming Fashion Illustrator as I used to love dressing up and drawing them. But I went for Engineering studies as you know no one believes that artist can make living with their art and there comes a full stop to my creativity. I started painting again after I got married and came to UK. Life seems to be quiet here and I think that triggered my creativity. I visited art galleries and museums and joined art clubs and done some self studies. Now Art is not just a hobby, It’s my passion.

Why artists paints the way they paint? – Painting a portraiture is not just painting a head & face, it’s the way artist sees it. All artist have their own way of seeing subjects. Some sees it in abstract form, some sees it as it is. Some sees how lights and shadows plays their role and some like me sees how we can depict using different colours.

My dream as an artist – Creating art for me is pure joy. I fancy my life as a full time artist travelling world and painting from different places. I always imagine myself living somewhere surrounded by nature and spending my time painting and enjoying the beauty of nature.

I have been asked if I create art for other people or myself–  To start with I started creating for myself and I am still doing it. It’s the feeling of joy when someone buys my art, I want the person to feel as happy as I felt while creating. I want them to take the piece of my heart and feel the joy whenever they look at my painting.  I want them to feel, that it’s not just a piece of painting they are taking, they are taking a piece of my heart as I create all my paintings with my heart. The colours you see in my painting are not just coming from anywhere but it comes from my being. The love I feel for all those vibrant colours are coming from the love relationship with them. If you are an art collector and the art you are looking at makes you feel something and you can afford that, don’t hesitate whether the art comes from famous artist or less known artist.        

These were just few of my reasons here. I am sure there are different reasons and situations in artist life that they decided to become an artist. If you are an artist reading this and would love to share your story. Please leave a comment. I would love to read everyone’s story.

Happy Painting!



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